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Grand Sri Lanka Round Trip
11 days 10 nights

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Srilanka Round Trip North
8 days 7 nights

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Adventure Tour
12 days 11 nights

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Royal Cities Tour
6 days 5 nights

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Hill Country Tour
7 days 6 nights

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Classic Mini Tour
4 days 3 nights

About Sri Lanka

From time immemorial the island has been subjected to many different influences, both occidental and oriental. Consequently this small island state contains an exotic mixture of languages, cultures and religions. The few thousand Veddhas who live in remote jungle areas are the descendants of the original inhabitants. The majority ...

Ayurveda Cures

Ayurveda is a health system that has been practiced in Sri Lanka and India for ages. It relies solely on natural medicine. Ayurveda has helped even in cases that seemed hopeless where western medicine has failed. It does not give the patient local treatment of individual organs, but treats him as a whole. The Ayurvedic remedies act on the...

Golf Tours

Sri Lanka is relatively unknown in the field of Golf, but surprisingly the country has three of the finest 18 hole courses in Asia. In fact the association with golf is more than a century and the Sri Lanka Amateur Golf Championship, which was instituted in the year 1891 follows the British Amateur as the oldest national championship in the ...