Beaches South of Colombo
Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort
T he genuine Ayurveda  Resort from the people who have been practicing Ayurveda for generations
Direct on the sandy beach of Wadduwa, about 30 km south of Colombo, situated in a lush tropical garden of palm trees and exotic plants.
50 comfortable rooms nicely furnished with sitting area, air- conditioning, telephone, mini fridge, television, piped music, bath/shower, WC, terrace.
Sports & Recreation:
Large freshwater swimming pool with children pool, poolbar, sunbeds with sunshades, children playground.
Nutrition: A special diet according to Ayurvedic principles is an integral part of the therapy. On request special Ayurvedic meals will be served additionally to international cuisine.   Yoga and Meditation: Traditionally yoga and meditation complement the overall process of healing, which the patients seek when they are coming to receive Ayurvedic treatment. Qualified teachers will regularly conduct courses. Ayurveda is a health system that has been practiced in Sri Lanka and India for ages. It relies solely on natural medicine.   Ayurveda has helped even in cases that seemed hopeless where western medicine has failed. It does not give the patient local treatment of individual organs, but treats him as a whole. The Ayurvedic remedies act on the total body, strengthen the power of resistance and promote healing. Ayurveda is conducive to your health, provides you with new vital energy, prevents and corrects the ageing process. An Ayurveda treatment helps combat chronic illnesses and at the same time frees you from psychological burdens. Ayurveda among other things provides swift relief in cases of rheumatic diseases such as arthrosis (signs of overstrain in spine and joints), arthritis, muscle tenseness, restriction of movement, disturbances of the vegetative nervous system such as disturbed sleep, nervousness, exhaustion, tiredness, excitability or irritability, migraine and other forms of headache, heart ailments connected to nervousness, high blood pressure, depression, chronic inflammation such as par nasal sinus inflammation, bronchitis, inflammation of the bladder, susceptibility to colds, skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, skin allergy, asthma, stomach or intestinal disorders, overweight or nicotine misuse.  Ayurveda is recommended to all those seeking inward balance, a long and healthy life and to all those who like to experience the fullness of life.

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