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Exclusive property in Sri Lanka for sale

Walawwa (aristocratic house) on approx. 6 1/2 acres. 
For absolute genuine  NATURE LOVERS !!

BOI approved company. 100% owned by 2 Europeans. "Traditional Houses and Thematic Bungalows Project". A Walawwa (aristocratic house) on approx. 6 1/2 acres beautiful land. Name "Noah's Ark". Meant to be operated as a Tourist Hotel in the upper price class (~ Boutique Hotel). Operation has not yet started, because the building works are not completed yet.



6 km land inwards from Payagala/Maggona. In a small village15 km from  Kalutara. 6 km from access to future Colombo-Matara Highway. Presently it takes 1 1/2 hours to drive to Colombo. In future it will be only 45 minutes.

Description of the buildings: 

The Walawwa was the residence of a 'gate mudaliyar' (aristocratic). It was built in 1896 on a small hill, so there is always a cooling natural breeze.

Strong foundation and the walls are made out of granite stone (kalu gal), 40 cm thickness. All doors and window shutters are of old jak wood. Above all the doors and windows you find decorative woodcarvings. Beautiful woodcarvings (wadimbu) along all the roof, moldings on the outer walls, and columns and arches inside of some of the rooms. 

Floors are 'cut and polish', partly new made. Original mosaic tiled floors in the hall and verandah. Some ceilings original, some newly made. Every thing is there what makes a genuine Walawwa.

After finishing the renovation and alternations the Walawwa will have 8 bedrooms, each with attached bathroom, and a big hall (sala) in the center, an enclosed pentagonal verandah and an open verandah with courtyard. 5 bedrooms are almost completed, incl. bathroom fittings.

Without disturbing the whole architecture we have added a new spacious kitchen and a reception/office and a separate airy restaurant. There is also a nice 3-roomed staff house and several store rooms. a separate rustic building could be used for ayurvedic treatment or for meditation. 2 overhead tanks and 3 wells constructed. Water available throughout all year.

Description of the land: 

About 6 acres (almost square shaped) are enclosed by a 6 1/2 feet parapet wall, an adjoining longish land of 1/2 acre extension is only fenced and could be used for constructing add. staff houses or for other purposes.

The Walawwa is almost in the middle on a hill, surrounded by tense vegetation.

The vegetation is unique, even for Sri Lanka. Some huge trees are over 100 years old. The land is a real ARBORETUM, almost a botanical garden. Very mixed vegetation.

JUNGLE - FRUITS - SPICES - FLOWERING TREES/BUSHES - PLANTATION, all on one land!! (see the list of plants at the end of this text)
The land is run purely organic for the last 6 years, no spraying done. Therefore you find now a lot of butterflies and wild birds, incl. rare specimen. (see the list of birds at the end of this text)

Swimming Pool: 

We have completed a very special swimming pool. It is partly embedded in natural granite rocks (sides and bottom). Uneven shape. Fairly big, deep end about 6'+ . WC, showers, changing room. Simple 'pool bar' and rustic open air 'pool restaurant'.

Prospects/further perspectives: 

The number of rooms could be increased . There are flat granite stones (boulders), an ideal place to construct about 3 eco-bungalows into the rocks. 

3 places on the land are selected to erect luxury chalets and also a manager bungalow. 

The place could be run also as a bio-farm.

note: It is a Paradise for Birdwatchers and Nature lovers. There are only few places like this one left in Sri Lanka. Absolutely quiet place, only the Sounds of Nature to be heard. Clean air, very few mosquitoes, lower temperature due to the many trees, natural breeze. 

 A refugium and Oasis! 

 An ideal place also for a Center of Meditation !!

The place is for sale for USD 855'000.00

But we are also ready to enter into a  Partnership with financial participation and assisting to complete the building works up to the opening of the Hotel. Foreigners   or local partners   who are willing to share our concept are welcome. 

Inspection of the place is only possible after prior appointment.

List of plants: 

a specialty are our many big African Tulip trees, flowering throughout all year. Other flowering trees are: Lagerstroemia, amherstia nobilis, ashoka trees, jacarandas, many different cassias, flamboyant's and araliyas. 

Many different ornamental palms (among them huge cycas)and bamboo, flowering bushes. We have even fern trees, unique for this part of the country. 

About 150 coco trees, big jackfruit trees, breadfruit, coffee plants, tea bushes and cocoa. Mango trees, ambarella, durian, avocado, lime, oranges, beli, mangustine, rambutan, 200 pineapples, also rare fruits like laulu, namina , dellkos and wool apple. 

Spices: a lot of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, goraka. 
Many Ayurvedic plants.

List of Birds 

Woodpeckers, kingfisher, black hooded oriole, minivet, bee-eater, pitta, mynah, both types of Paradise flycatcher, jungle owlets, hornbill, ring-necked parakeet, S.L. hanging parrots, many babblers, berbets, munias, iora, koel, coucal, emerald doves, green Imperial Pigeon.


Price US $ 855'000.00


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